Candidate for Rogue States 

China ignores the fact that no one in the people of Taiwan wants reunification with China, on the contrary, the people of Taiwan will defend their country with all their might and thus ward off a forced attempt at unification with China. After all, Taiwan has never belonged to China, even if Xi Jinping falsely claims so over and over again. An attack on Taiwan would turn China into a rogue state, would be internationally ostracized and would not have achieved its goals anyway.

China's failure to clearly identify Russia as an aggressor and Ukraine as a victim makes it clear that China and Russia should no longer be members of the UN Security Council. China's unspeakable attempt to mediate peace illustrates its closeness to the Putin regime and thus contradicts the UN Charter.Supplying arms to a defending country is consistent with the UN Charter, supplying arms to the aggressor is against the UN Charter. China's condemnation of arms sales to Ukraine shows which side it is on. It's the side of tyranny.

Should China send arms, ammunition or other war equipment to Russia, China would support the war against Ukraine. This would ensure China's status as a rogue state.