Rogue State Russia

02.24.2022 Russia start the War

The war of aggression against Ukraine has finally turned Russia into a rogue state, and by shelling the civilian population in Ukraine, Russia has now also become a terrorstate. The mendacious regime in Moscow justified the war against the Ukraine with various lies: Nazis in East Ukraine were threatening those of Russian origin, then it was Nazis in the leadership of Ukraine and an impending NATO attack on Russia was also lied about. In Russia, the lie is probably the truth, there is no other way to understand the madness from the Moscow regime. Unfortunately, one must also assume that they believe their lies themselves, and if that is the case, there is a possibility that they infer others from themselves, and of course that others are also lying. This is what makes a mendacious regime so dangerous because the truth of the other person is of course also taken as a lie.

In an incredibly primitive way, the villains in the Kremlin are trying to demonstrate their power with the war against Ukraine and are causing an unbearable disgust among the world population. It is inconceivable why Russians are proud of themselves and their country while the rest of the world turns away from Russia in disgust. It can be assumed that Russia is still stuck in the previous stage of evolution. Thus, there is probably a mental underdevelopment in large parts of the Russian population that could explain the behavior.

The scoundrels in the Kremlin erroneously believe that Russia is a world power and that all you have to do is wage a little war and the world would see it. Obviously the scoundrels don't know what a world power is, and that's how this massive overconfidence came about, which shows the whole world how incapable this Russia is. Added to this are the primitive Russian TV programs in which discussions were held about declaring war on the West or even attacking it with nuclear weapons. To be so imbecile and to assume that with such an approach everything in Russia would remain the same as before is downright frightening. This country has fallen so far that the primitive statements from the Kremlin are no longer surprising.

In the Kremlin, the Nazi regime misses the Soviet Union because it believes it will regain great influence as a leading nation. The Nazis in the Kremlin forget that everything collapsed under the rule of the Soviet Union. Why ? After all, nobody wants anything to do with the Soviet Union because of its dictatorial mafia regime. No country in the world would submit to Russia, absolutely impossible. The USSR is bad history forever.

All the Russian regimes have had no interest in making their country a modern country that is recognized in the world economically, technologically, medically. Instead, natural resources are sold to fund the military in the vain hope that the world will see Russia as a great nation. For the young generation in Russia, it means not being taken seriously by their own government, and even ridiculously dressed guards who hold the dictator's door open don't help either.

Basically, Russia is a lie, because the way Russia presents itself would not have been possible without spies. Space travel was only made possible by secret services and everything that inspires young people about technology comes from the West or Asia. As a young Russian you can have national pride, but then you should also know what you're proud of, there's not much there. Even the victory over Nazi Germany was only possible with American help in Russia, without which Russia would have lost the war, even General "Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov" said in a speech in 1945. All Russian regimes later kept it a secret because Russia be proud, but the rest of the world knows the truth.

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