Adaptation to breaking news

The following comments from the updates are disturbing to civilized people due to their choice of words, but are nonetheless necessary to understand the to have proper naming of these creatures in the Kremlin. It's about individuals with an incredible lack of civilization coupled with primitiveness and aggressiveness. This deformity is not a Russian standard, but what is the proportion of the Russian population? It is difficult to estimate. But the primitive talk shows with war fantasies in the Russian media portend evil.

Update 4 July 2024
Villain meeting in Astana. The villains are coming to a security alliance SCO together with a macaque Putin from the Kremlin who is a warmonger against Ukraine and has been convicted as a war criminal by the International Criminal Court. What an alliance the SCO is. You could also say "The Shame of Kazakhstan". This villain alliance signals the departure from the Carter of the United Nations and stands for barbarism in the future. As predicted, the merger of these regimes was predictable because it gives the dictators among them a little more time for their existence. That is why they will also try to get other states into this dirty club.

Update 18 June 2024
Russian Macaque leader Putin visited North Korean Macaque leader Kim Jong-un today to beg for ammunition. Russia can no longer increase production and in North Korea, where the population is kept as slaves, it can be produced cheaply. The materials needed for this are most likely being supplied to North Korea by the Chinese Macaque regime.

Update 16 June 2024
The Russian fascist macaque regime is once again making stupid demands on Kief for peace negotiations. Due to their stupidity, they will not be mentioned again here.
But it should have made it clear to many that support for Ukraine must be massively expanded in order to push fascism back into Russia.

Update 26 May 2024
Acoustic ejaculate comes out of the mouth of the primitive pig Medvedev again. The pig is threatening Poland with nuclear ash even though Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has presented the facts absolutely correctly. How a primitive antisocial Medvedev pig can be wrong.

Update 20 May 2024
The window of opportunity for the young Iranians to get rid of a dictatorial monkey regime is only short, because as in Russia, China and other rogue states, the mafia clan structures are structured in such a way that the next oppressor inspired by power comes back into power in a sham election Office, then the time window closes at the latest. One wonders why more dictators don't fly in helicopters in bad weather, the world could be so clean. So it's no wonder that the condolences for the dirt also come from the dirt.

Update 10 May 2024
Medvedev opens his primitive mouth again and threatens to counterattack if French or British cruise missiles using Ukrainian forces hit Russian territory. Now serious consideration should be given to a regime change in Moscow, because even the Russians can no longer be subjected to this filth and they have never had high standards.

Update 15 April 2024
The Foreign Minister of the rogue and Nazi state Russia Lavrov did not express any criticism of the actions of the prehistoric rogue regime Iran against Israel. The rogue regime in Beijing also probably considers the attack on Israel to be legitimate. It is becoming increasingly clear how rogue states are working together.

Update 28 March 2024
The resolution introduced by the USA to monitor sanctions against rogue state North Korea was vetoed by its brother rogue state Russia. That's why rogue states like Russia and China should be kicked out of the UN.

The fascist Nazi regime in the Kremlin, probably out of hatred of the West, disregarded the terror warning for Moscow recommended by the USA, which warned of an impending attack by IS. The victims can now be attributed to the fascist Nazi regime in the Kremlin. Nazi pig Putin lies to his people about the state propaganda that the attack was masterminded from Ukraine. In this way he can distract from his own failures and further fuel hatred of Ukraine among the people.

Update 15 March 2024
NATO estimates that more than a thousand Russian soldiers are currently dying in eastern Ukraine every day. The Nazi regime in the Kremlin wants to see success and drives the soldiers to their deaths.

At the same time, the mock elections in Russia are taking place, although the result has already been determined. The Genetic waste will continue to lie its way to power. For the Russian population this means a life of totalitarian poverty in the future.

Update 02 March 2024
Despite the worst fascism and oppression by the Nazis in the Kremlin, thousands of Russians came to the memorial service and subsequent funeral of Alexei Navalny. For fear of arrest and poisoning, Ms. Navalny was unfortunately unable to attend. There were expressions of grief across Russia.

Update 25 February 2024
Alexei Navalny's mother receives her son, who was murdered by the Nazi regime in the Kremlin, after more than a week. The long wait was necessary so that the poison with which he was murdered could no longer be detected.

Update 16 February 2024
Now the fascist Nazi regime in the Kremlin has executed the dissident Alexei Navalny with poison after torture in a labor camp. It was clear that he would be killed and should be a warning to other critics. The fascists in the Kremlin are also ensuring that war opponent Boris Nadezhdin is not allowed to run for the presidency. The result is already clear.

During a visit to a military factory, Nazi pig Putin urges people to have more children. We remember that Hitler did the same when human cannon fodder was running low.

Update 23 January 2024
The UN Security Council is increasingly becoming a stage for rogue regimes because its members have to listen to perverse lies, for example from Lavrov, with the aim of denigrating the West and trying to get other rogue regimes to join Nazi Russia to create a new worldorder. That would of course be the worldorder of barbarism.

Actually, a dissolution of the current UN Security Council would be necessary to exclude Russian or Chinese elements A future council, perhaps called the UCN Security Council, i.e. the United Civilized Nations, could represent the civilizations and would exclude the barbarians. But that's probably just utopia.

Update 20 January 2024
The Nazi regime in the Kremlin continues to expand fascism by expropriating those who think differently. With blind hatred, the Nazi regime in the Kremlin passes fascist laws so that the population remains silent. There is no longer any difference to the Hitler regime.

Update 13 January 2024
According to estimates by the military expert Colonel i.G. Wolfgang Richter from the Geneva Center for Security Policy, the losses of the Russian army amount to around 250,000 dead and injured, of which over 150,000 were irreversible losses (70,000 dead and the same number seriously injured) as of December 14, 2023. (Source:

When it comes to soldiers, Nazi Putin primarily relies on men from the rural population, preferably with a migrant background. to protect the city population and not to panic arise. The latest Russian casualty figures from January 2024, with up to 700 deaths per day, suggest that there will soon be a change of course in recruitment.

Update 13 January 2024
Nazi Russia has condemned the US attacks against the Houthi positions in Yemen before the UN Security Council. A welcome rebuke for Nazi Russia in the Security Council. The Russian Nazi regime, in consultation with the Iranian rogue regime, used the Houthis to attack primarily Western trade and bring it to a standstill. The Russian Nazi regime, of all people, is pointing to a possible conflagration in the region.

Update 26 Dezember 2023
Nazi pig Putin lost the war against Ukraine. A victory for the Kremlin Nazi regime is not possible. The reconquest of Ukrainian territories, including Crimea, by the Ukrainian army will now progress slowly. Ukraine's increasing air superiority, coupled with expanding air defense and increasing supplies of high-tech weapons, will further worsen Russia's already high mortality rate of 1 in 7. At the same time, sanctions are imposed on countries that support the Kremlin's Nazi regime.

Update 16 Dezember 2023
Nazi pig Putin wants to be re-elected and lies to his people with nonsense in a four-hour propaganda show. The state media is doing everything it can to portray the appearance as not staged and also allow for supposed audience questions in order to consolidate this impression. In fact, Nazi pig Putin still believes he is winning the war against Ukraine, proof that he is completely idiotic. Meanwhile, Russian soldiers must remove masses of their own fallen soldiers from the battlefield to bury them in their homeland. According to intelligence estimates, Russian losses have risen to over 300,000 soldiers killed.

Update 30 November 2023
Russia's Nazi pig in the Kremlin is lying to himself about a strengthened Russia. Probably because they received some weapons and ammunition from a friendly rogue state (North Korea). At the OSCE meeting, Lying Lavrov presented the propaganda of the Nazi regime in the Kremlin. None of those present wanted to listen to the dirt. Those present were disgusted.

Update 19 October 2023
There is no doubt that the Nazi regime in the Kremlin, in collaboration with Iran, China, Lebanon and North Korea, incited Hamas to commit murders in Israel. The aim is to spread terror and promote barbarism. The terrorist regimes do not shy away from innocent victims. As suspected months ago, the merger of these regimes has been confirmed. These scum regimes will continue to work together and spread heinous evil throughout the world through their actions. The goal of civilizations must be to reduce trade with these countries to zero for decades and to sanction states that trade with these rogue states.

Update 10 October 2023
Nazi Russia's punishment for Finland for joining NATO has now come in the form of blowing up the gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Update 10 October 2023
The Kremlin Nazi regime exports barbarism to create strife in the world. The contacts with the Palestinian terrorist group lead to the conclusion that the terror against Israel was fomented in order to distract from one's own terror against Ukraine and to stir up hostility to America. We now see as expected the cooperation of the terrorist states Russia Iran Syria Libya and the terrorist zone Gaza. The fact that there is no comment of regret from China speaks volumes and gives an idea of how dirty this axis of terrorist states is.

Update 03 October 2023
Again and again you read about declining support for Ukraine and speculation about whether the future US president will be Trump or anyone else would stop or reduce assistance. The same also in the European area, e.g. Poland or Hungary. First of all, no, the aid will not decrease, on the contrary, regardless of who is politically active where, the aid will increase significantly and enormously and, if necessary, over the next ten years. An agreement between all allies not only ensures this but is unchangeable regardless of the political direction. It is therefore impossible for Nazi Russia to achieve any success. Ukraine will become stronger and stronger over the next few months and reclaim its territories.The expulsion of Kevin McCarthy or the composition of the US House of Representatives or an impending shutdown does not change support. No matter what the situation is, it will not affect support for Ukraine. That is safe for the next ten years and cannot be changed.

Update 20 September 2023
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a precise speech to the UN Security Council about the situation in the world caused by Nazi Russia. The description of reality now shows everyone that Nazi Russia is a terrorist state and is causing strife in the world. This message may now have reached the last corner of the earth. Russia is the country of barbarism and wants to spread it throughout the world. It is all the more important that the dictatorial regime no longer has a say in the UN Security Council, so a new appointment to the permanent members is urgently needed in order to not give a platform to barbarism.

It is also encouraging that all Ukrainian supporting countries are continuing to expand their military supplies, regardless of their political orientation. Therefore, the Kremlin Nazi regime's hope of a decrease in aid is in vain the opposite will now be the case.

Update 13 September 2023
The primitive Medvedev bitch has once again publicly expressed her primitive verbal ejaculate by once again pointing out the nuclear threat to the USA. At the same time, the scum from North Korea is meeting with the Kremlin for talks. Scum Kim is looking for satellite technology while the Kremlin scum desperately needs grenades. Benevolent looks from the Peking Duck are guaranteed. So this is what the new dirty axis looks like.

Update 05 September 2023
The Nazi pig Putin is looking around the world for soldiers to use as cannon fodder in Ukraine. Recruitment attempts have been spotted in Cuba, for example, and rogue friend Kim Jong-un may be providing manpower or ammunition. Meanwhile, Nazi Puntin's forces in Ukraine continue to be decimated and soldiers on the ground are panicking.Furthermore, in a television interview, Nazi Putin claims that the West intentionally installed a Jew as President of Ukraine in order to cover up a Nazi government in Ukraine that would annihilate the Russian-born population in eastern Ukraine. Thus, the special operation would be justified. Even he doesn't believe that shit himself. Instead, Nazi Putin should help his countrymen declare that Russia lost this war.

Update 02 September 2023
Putin uses children for his own Nazi propaganda. The Kremlin pig has no scruples about using children for his lies. The Kremlin pig will still have problems having to explain to its own population why they were expelled from Ukraine and Crimea.

Update 30 August 2023
Russia and North Korea hold arms talks. Two rogue states united. As previously stated, the scum of the world will unite to promote barbarism as the world's antithesis.

Update 23 August 2023
Now the Kremlin Nazi regime has killed the Wagner boss Prigozhin. And because people in Russia have no value, the Nazi regime doesn't care that other people die with them. Not that the Wagner boss was worth anything to Prigozhin, but the criminal dealings of the Kremlin Nazi regime show that Russia is increasingly becoming the scum of the world.

Update 10 August 2023
The Nazi regime in the Kremlin wants to take action against VPN lines. The Russians should not learn the truth from the outside. Also should the history books in schools are adapted to the Kremlin propaganda. The children in the schools are prepared for war by learning how to treat wounds and receiving a kind of military training in physical education classes. In addition, the hatred of the West should be fueled.

Update 5 August 2023
The recent statements of the Nazi rat Medvedev prove once again what kind of prehistoric monkey shit we are dealing with in the Kremlin. The threat of the Nazi rat saying that the attacks on the Ukrainian port cities are probably not enough and that an environmental catastrophe must be caused in order to ensure their own satisfaction. No. There are no words that suffice to describe the human filth in the Kremlin. Such regimes do not notice their own Nazification, as history has shown time and again.

Update 4 August 2023
The Nazi pack in the Kremlin ensured that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was sentenced to another 19 years in prison. Nothing else was to be expected from the Kremlin Pack. It is now acting like the Stalin Pack and Russia is reverting to being a primate state. So of course the approach with North Korea now fits, all the rogue states will soon be united and avoided by the rest of the world.

Update 22 July 2023
The Nazi pack in the Kremlin is raging against the suppliers of the cluster munitions because one of their propaganda journalists was killed in the process. The Nazi pack in the Kremlin hides the fact that neither Russian soldiers nor journalists have anything to do in the Ukraine. Cluster munitions or not, all victims are victims of the Kremlin Nazi pack that started the war against Ukraine.

Update 21 July 2023
The Antisocial Nazi bastard in Nazi Kremlin warns Poland against moving troops to eastern border in response to nearby Wagner terrorist group in western Belarus. In addition, the Nazi regime in the Kremlin has accused Poland of having territorial claims against Belarus. Also, the Nazi pig in the Nazi Kremlin is again weaponizing hunger by not renewing the grain deal.

Update 13 July 2023
News from the Russian Nazi Regime, and it's not easy to comment on this bullshit. The delivery of F16 fighter jets poses a nuclear threat to Russia, according to the lying Lavrov of the Kremlin Nazi regime. Necessary measures will also be taken in the event of Sweden joining NATO, according to Nazi Lavrov. In addition, Turkey is now an unfriendly country due to the approval of Sweden's entry into NATO. Nazi Lavrov also babbles about Sweden and Finland's hasty decision as if the countries were persuaded to join NATO. For normal thinking people a war against international law against an innocent country is reason enough, but not for the Kremlin Nazi regime.

Update 3 July 2023
Medvedev's recent idiotic statements that the war against Ukraine is really about a conflict with the West suggest that Medvedev's mental illness is the diagnosis. All further statements from him confirm this.

Update 27 June 2023
Nazi Putin must have wet his pants during the uprising by Prigozhin and his troops because Prigozhin could easily have marched on Moscow due to the incompetent Russian military. Obviously it should have been a warning to the Kremlin, for Prigozhin is furious with Putin's war lie, which has cost Wagner troops thousands of their lives in a war that should never have been fought. It remains to be seen whether the warning persists. Nazi Putin falsely sells the end of the revolt to his people as a military victory, while the Kremlin is lucky it was just a warning.

Update 24 June 2023
Prigozhin, himself a formerly jailed criminal, is attempting a coup against the Kremlin over Putin's incompetent defense minister. Why ? Allegedly, Shoigu was unfit for war and had Wagner's army bombed, and Prigozhin himself also found out that there were no Nazis in Ukraine and anyway Ukraine never posed a threat to Russia and the war was only started out of sheer profiling by a few idiots. Prigozhin himself fell for the Russian media propaganda controlled by Putin. Likewise, Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine realize that they themselves are the evil. Now, of all people, Lukashenko is considered the mediator between the criminals and grants asylum to Prigozhin and his troops. Nazi Putin surrounded himself early on with criminals to get into the position he is in today, but they now have ideas of their own and could become a threat to Nazi Putin. Either way, Russia will continue to be ruled by criminals, and that means the Russian people will continue to live in poverty, save for the privileged few.

Update 6 June 2023
The Moscow Nazi regime destroyed the Kakhovka Dam. These beasts work like rats with the dirtiest of tools. Once again the world experiences what kind of criminal filth sits in the Kremlin. It is unbelievable that the Russian people did not resist and apparently even legitimized the actions of the Moscow Nazi regime. So you can only describe the Russians as subhuman because of his behavior. So at best a preliminary stage of homosapiens. Since Russia cannot begin to contribute anything positive to the world community, contact should ideally be frozen for many decades.

Updated May 20, 2023
Putin is ready to burn even more of his population in the war. The Nazi cattle doesn't give a damn about the lives of others. He throws his own people into the fire and the Ukrainians have to slaughter them. This Putin cattle has no problem sacrificing his own soldiers for an unwinnable war.

Updated 9 Mai 2023
And again, at the victory celebrations in Moscow, Nazi dictator Putin lies to his people by claiming that Russia is under attack from the West and that one must continue to defend oneself against the West and the regime in Kiev. The scum in the Kremlin have no qualms about lying to the world and their own people. The scoundrels in the Kremlin can only be called scum. The question of whether Russia should be represented on the world map as a gray area without a name and whether Russian monuments should be removed from the world can only be answered in the affirmative. Due to the warlike actions of the rogue regime in the Kremlin, Russia is initially an unworthy landmass whose population is being held hostage by this regime. It can therefore no longer be regarded as fully fledged. For the first time in human history, a regime has catapolated its own country from the world community into an outright terror state.

Update 24 April 2023
Lavrov's lies to the UN that the invasion was inevitable because Russia was threatened by NATO. NATO cannot threaten anyone because it is a defensive alliance. Of course, it only prevents Russia from expanding, and this obstacle is, of course, a threat to Russia. The Russian regime stands for lies and barbarism and will disappear behind the Iron Curtain. The United Nations Charter condemns barbarism consistent with all democratic civilizations around the world. Rogue states will never have a say in a new world order.

Paradox News
The Foreign Minister of Russia is now promoting a new world order in connection with the peace talks with Ukraine. It would then be, according to Russia's wishes, the world order of barbarism. This will not exist even if China flirting with it, the world order will continue to be based on the security and sovereignty of each country in the future. No terrorist, Nazi regime will determine any new world order, either now or in the future.Whenever the primitives in the Kremlin put their heads together, some inhuman mess is sure to come to light. So the blackmail now with the grain agreement is symptomatic of this regime. This regime is completely nazified that reintegration into the world community is impossible.