Rogue States China

China's failure to clearly identify Russia as an aggressor and Ukraine as a victim makes it clear that China and Russia should no longer be members of the UN Security Council. China's unspeakable attempt to mediate peace illustrates its closeness to the Putin regime and thus contradicts the UN Charter. Supplying arms to a defending country is consistent with the UN Charter, supplying arms to the aggressor is against the UN Charter. China's condemnation of arms sales to Ukraine shows which side it is on. It's the side of tyranny.

Updated April 9, 2023
With the simulated attacks on the state of Taiwan, it is now clear that the Chinese dictator supported Russia's attack on Ukraine from the start. It can also be assumed that North Korea was equipped with nuclear technology by both China and Russia. In an incredibly mendacious way, the Chinese dictator acts as if he wants to ensure peace between Russia and Ukraine with a twelve-point plan, in fact it was just a tranquilizer for the world community.

Update 23 April 2023
The statements by the Chinese diplomat that the former Soviet republics do not have full sovereignty is further evidence that China is a rogue state. Like Taiwan, all republics enjoy full sovereignty and no rogue regime should challenge that.

Update 20 Mai 2023
China feels attacked after G7 summit. Why ? Because China does not condemn the war against Ukraine as a war. Why ? Because China itself has become a terrorist state due to its aggression against Taiwan. The United Nations Charter condemns the war against Ukraine, but China arguably likes it and is a rogue state not to do business with.