All current rogue states are dictatorships, even those that might be in the future would mostly be dictatorships. Of course, as you can imagine, all of these yesterday's regimes get along well with each other. So it is of course clear that North Korea believes Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine is right or that Putin supported Assad in the war in Syria. Belarus has made itself a disgusting war accomplice of Putin. Iran, which finances incitement and terror against Israel. These nasty regimes operate on the principle "If you don't want to be my brother, I'll break your skull in", typical of Nazi Russia here. China could do the same with Taiwan. These are prehistoric dictatorships with the most primitive thinking.

What is a dictatorship?

As under Hitler, all dictatorships have the belief that they are destined for something higher, i.e. the to direct the destiny of the people, which means to determine how they should live, and to create or leave something special. The larger the monuments in certain places, the greater the self-affirmation. A bunch of lickers around them perform their assigned tasks, each of them trying negative results Nice to talk about, if necessary, pressure is exerted on the next subordinates. In the National People's Congress, these regimes inspire their own actions. It is clear from the outset that the delegates approve the projects of the supreme regime. And because there are so many like-minded people at these congresses, none of the participants feel out of place, maybe most of them are puppets anyway Certainly, thanks to the obsequiousness of some Asian countries, television footage of enthusiastic compatriots is a flattering gesture to a regime if necessary, the compatriots are handpicked.Even if you can no longer believe it in the 21st century, these regimes still exist, and because it is possible to manipulate the entire population with today's technology, it may take longer to disintegrate, but it is still unstoppable. These regimes function similarly to certain species of monkeys that share the same herachis. But what distinguishes humans from the animal kingdom is that in modern civilizations there are these primitive Herachi no longer exists. But there are countries where they still occur, and these countries are came more and more problems with their regimes and losing touch with modern civilizations. A banding together of these rogue states is inevitable and will lead to collapse in the foreseeable future.

Even if such regimes trigger a certain disgust, the world somehow has to live with it. After all, the recent UN General Assembly voted 143 votes against the annexation on parts of Ukraine by the rogue state of Russia. 35 states abstained and the sad remainder of 5 states voted in favour.

It clearly shows how isolated rogue state Russia is and it could be a warning to those in the future not to take Russia as an example.